Warehouse Management

The fundamental concept of warehouse management is to track an item from the moment it arrives on site to the moment it leaves.  We do this for millions of cartons per year and have very high accuracy in terms of stock control.  Extensive understanding of how our processes work allow our staff to provide very efficient stock rotation as well recognise and head off potential issues before they become time critical.  Our in-house IT staff are very experienced in the warehouse management system as well as within the cold storage industry; this enables us to both manage and create solutions to customer issues.



Austco Polar Cold Storage have used one of Microlistics’ Warehouse Management systems since 2003.  We’ve also been very closely involved in various development projects with Microlistics and have independently developed various tools to improve the system’s management functions.

SSCC Label

Many businesses require interaction between computer systems to keep data in sync. We have developed numerous solutions for our customers. SSCC Labelling for Supermarket distribution is available. Many forms of interfacing exist.