Online Reporting

Our Online Reporting system allows clients to interogate their data in Real-Time.  This can allow customers to manage stock on up to the second information.

A standard set of reports is included for online reporting enabled customers. These include;

  • Current Stock based on product
  • Current Stock based upon Product, Rotation date and Reference Codes
  • Order reports for both inwards and Outwards loads

In addition to the standard reports some customers have requested custom reports to be added which include reports such as;

  • Shelflife reports
  • Near End Of Life reports
  • Quarantine Reports
  • Groupings reports which bundle up multiple product codes as one type  ie.  Legs, Middles,Shoulders

Emailed Reports are also available allowing customers to request reportsto be sent to a Distribution list or individual on a regular basis.

All of our reports are able to be imported into Microsoft Excel for further interaction by clients.