Cold Storage And So Much More

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Austco Polar Cold Storage is an Australian-owned and operated company located in the transport hub of Western Melbourne.


Our location puts product in close proximity to:


Air_icon_40 Tullamarine Airport- 22 KM

Air_icon_40 Avalon Airport – 42 KM

sea_Icon_40 Port of Melbourne – 12 KM

Rail_Icon_40 Rail Terminal – 12 KM


Established in 1987, Austco Polar Cold Storage has evolved and continued to grow with its customers. With nearly 30 years of history and experience, we have had constant success with our methodologies.We have also continued expanded our capabilities and increase or efficiency targets to provide a top of the line service. We offer high degrees of transparency and understanding to our clients – we do more than just provide cold storage, we work with our clients to problem-solve and improve their business processes and productivity.

What We Can Do For You – Our Service Philosophy

Austco Polar is very much a “one-stop-shop” for manufacturers; in addition to our temperature controlled facilities, we have the capacity to provide blast freezing, storage and distribution for our clients both internationally and into the domestic market.  We provide leased rooms and assisted warehousing, allowing customers to take control of their own stock if they prefer. Our storage facilities are capable of both bulk and order picking, with a focus on feeding into distribution centers and container loading. Many of our staff members have been with us for over 10 years and we have many long-term customers as well. This is a testament to the fact that we provide a service which has allows companies to grow. Our service philosophy is based around our customers who look to us to develop a strategic relationship for future growth and profitability which we have delivered this in many cases. We are very proud of our capabilities and our ability to achieve results that match our customers’ needs requirements and expectations.

Customised Services

Our “boutique” service can provide something that many larger companies can’t – customization. Rather than making you fit in with us, we’ll fit our services to your needs with abilities such as multiple intake times throughout the day, problem-solving, comprehensive stock management data and helpful advice based in real-world experience. Our “can do” attitude has provided lateral solutions to problems other companies shy away from – we specialize in providing innovative and adaptive methods to enable customers to achieve their goals.

For cold storage, warehousing and distribution services that go the extra mile, get in touch with Austco Polar Cold Storage today.